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0.1.3[edit | edit source]

Released – September 6st, 2019

Update Size – N/A

Versions – (Windows), (Mac), (Linux)


Changes[edit | edit source]

Balance[edit | edit source]

  • Golden Popcorn Kernels is now a rare potion
  • Reduced contact damage with Mortar's orbs

Other Changes[edit | edit source]

  • The locked troll block is dead, long live the new locked troll block
  • Added new encounters to the Mines, Dungeon, and Halls
  • Updated our Steam libraries to hopefully improve compatibility on older versions of OSX
  • Made Black Rabbit 56% cuter
  • Improved the rare chest sprite

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Black Rabbit should be able to talk now during secret shop encounters
  • Lillyth’s cell door now indicates it requires a special key
  • Summoning Stone has had its text shortened to avoid UI overlap
  • In her initial encounter, Black Rabbit no longer overlaps her dialog with an urgent popup
  • Unified block visuals and reflections
  • Mouse aim is now on by default (for reals this time)
  • Added a partial fix for memory leaks during very long play sessions
  • Tightened up hitbox on pressure plates
  • Fixed a problem causing Wealth to inadvertently increase your Key and Bomb income
  • Enemy HP bar no longer dynamically resizes due to Inner Fire status
  • Heartiness now adds 10% to healing, rounded to the nearest integer
  • Status Panel UI should now be better about showing stacks instead of duplicates
  • Major Blisters now has its own data instead of using Minor Blister’s data
  • Improved landing detection to prevent Mimics from getting in a bad state when jumping near holes
  • Fixed an issue related to potions now showing their effects correctly in the Status Panel
  • Potion swapping now wraps around
  • Potions can no longer be swapped while drinking
  • Leaving the room after hitting an explosive barrel but before it explodes no longer leaves the barrel in a bad state
  • Hoarding Pilfer music now correctly stops if the pilfer falls into a pit
  • Fixed an issue related to getting knocked back while slipping off the side of a rock that would prevent you from moving
  • It’s now much easier to answer “No” to a Yes/No question
  • Fixed an issue that would cause tooltips getting stuck on-screen
  • Noori’s room is no longer called The Sand Pit
  • Added an extra bridge in that room where everybody was getting stuck on a ledge due to Oiled Glomps
  • RatBond can now correctly be removed with Metamorphim
  • Fixed up some grid data in the Dungeons that accidentally allowed rocks to spawn where they shouldn’t
  • Dibble’s secret pilfer shop can now spawn edible food with Meal Ticket
  • Fixed an issue causing the Imp’s Ghastly Clap ability to keep doors shut after the Imp died
  • Added an icon for Mrs. Rat’s crate for the game over screen
  • Fixed some issues related to drop requirements on Dibble’s Silver and Gold Star Memberships
  • Fixed several bugs with Dibble's loot tables in the Hub
  • Dibble no longer sells Talismans in the Hub
  • Censer upgrade now blesses the peasant on the first level of the mines, rather than in the Hub
  • Hail to the King achievement can now be obtained across multiple sessions
  • Purified achievement can no longer be obtained by drinking a Purge potion without a curse
  • Fixed outline around dungeon locked block
  • Sacrifice spikes no longer do double damage
  • Fixed a crash related to re-rolling items on the same frame that they spawned
  • Secret walls no longer cause your controller to rumble when attacked
  • Fixed a bug preventing the Fiery Uberglomp from being added to the Bestiary
  • Vigor and Gust no longer get confused with each other

0.1.3 - Hotfix 1[edit | edit source]

Released - September 6st, 2019

Update Size - N/A

Versions - (Windows), (Mac), (Linux)

Bug fixes[edit | edit source]

  • fixed an issue with the halls end hole
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