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0.3.0 - Cursed Update[edit | edit source]

Released – October 28th , 2019

Versions – (Windows), (Mac), (Linux)

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Features[edit | edit source]

Discover Sho'guul, the Opulent Demon. He only appears under certain conditions, but if you do manage to find him you can make a trade for some pretty powerful items.

New Legendary Relics that can only be found in Sho’guul’s lair. These new relics can increase your power, or significantly alter your playstyle, but they come at a cost.

Boss Reworks - Mortar and Noori have added new moves to their arsenal and provide an even bigger challenge than before.

Some fun surprises for Hallowe’en

A new Graphics Quality setting has been added to the menu in order to support low-end machines. Currently, this setting only affects Noori, but will be expanded in the future.

Now available in Russian!

Added 20 new Relics[edit | edit source]

  • Aphotic Charm.pngAphotic Charm - Heals upon entering a new encounter for each curse applied to the peasant
  • Battle Standard.pngBattle Standard - Get increased swing, throw, and movement speed upon entering a new encounter
  • Chakram.pngChakram - When thrown, the pickaxe hovers in one spot and can be reclaimed by throwing again
  • Emperor's Crown.pngEmperor's Crown - Grants the stats of the Queen and King crowns as well as an additional blessing
  • Doom Blade.pngDoom Blade - Increases damage for each curse applied to the peasant
  • Glass Cannon.pngGlass Cannon - Dramatically increases damage, and dramatically reduces maximum health
  • Hot Cross Bun.pngHot Cross Bun - Increases maximum health by 1
  • Kurtz' Stache.pngKurtz' Stache - A locked box that opens when enough curses have been picked up
  • Lockpick.pngLockpick - Opens doors without keys but has a chance to break
  • Lucky Charm.pngLucky Charm - The peasant has a chance to live every time he takes lethal damage
  • Lucky Lockpick.pngLucky Lockpick - The effects of Lockpick and Lucky Charm, but it can not break
  • Miniaturizer.pngMiniaturizer - Find small chests in all normal chests
  • Mjölnir.pngMjölnir - Cast an AOE lightning burst when grabbing the pickaxe
  • Karmic Scale.pngKarmic Scale - The peasants health is reduced to 5, but all damage and healing are changed to 1
  • Pocket of Holding.pngPocket of Holding - Gain two temporary bombs for each new encounter
  • Rabbit Gloves.pngRabbit Gloves - Makes one item free in every shop
  • Pilfer Credit Card.pngPilfer Credit Card - Allows the peasant to go into debt, but it must be repaid
  • Fan of Knives.pngFan of Knives - When enemies are hit with a ranged critical strike they fire daggers out that can themselves critical strike
  • Inverter.pngInverter - When losing a curse, gain a blessing
  • Sequence Breaker.pngSequence Breaker - Allows the peasant to teleport to the pickaxe when pressing the throw button again

Added 6 new Potions:[edit | edit source]

  • Absolution.pngAbsolution - Removes 5 curses, if the peasant has 5 curses
  • Cure All.pngCure All - Cures everything in an area
  • Purification Potion.pngPurification Potion - Removes all curses, keys, bombs, and reduces the peasant’s health to 1
  • Witch's Brew.pngWitch's Brew - Gives 13 curses
  • Blood Chalice.pngBlood Chalice - Spawns a couple items for 25% health, but has a chance of dropping another Blood Chalice
  • Ghostly Ichor.pngGhostly Ichor - Heal over time, but grows stronger with curses

Added 3 new Blessings:[edit | edit source]

Added 7 new Curses:[edit | edit source]

  • Bottle Blight.pngBottle Blight - Carrying potions into new encounters deals damage to the peasant
  • Bottle Stopper.pngBottle Stopper - Lose two potion slots
  • Mutation.pngMutation - Turns all relics into potions
  • Plague.pngPlague- Food is half as effective and may poison you
  • Relic Eater.pngRelic Eater - Destroys a relic for every 50 enemies killed
  • Secrecy.pngSecrecy - Can no longer spot hidden walls
  • Spatial Sickness.pngSpatial Sickness - Teleports the peasant to a random location when taking damage
  • Security Theater.pngSecurity Theater (This curse was also added with the update just wasnt writen in the update notes) - The shop is locked up tight

Added 3 new achievements[edit | edit source]

Ach demon deal.png A Deal With The Demon
Made a deal with the demon Sho'guul.
Ach tutorial complete.png It's A Secret to Everyone
Completed the tutorial
Ach craft blueprint 4.png Artisan IV
Crafted 30 new relics

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a bug where switch costs weren’t disappearing in a Halls of Din encounter
  • Fixed an issue where Spider Nests were spawning over pillars in a Halls of Din encounter
  • Fixed a bug where the cost of Black Rabbit’s lever game was not scaling
  • Fast Metabolism.pngFast Metabolism no longer inadvertently stacks
  • The Hub navigation mesh has been rebuilt in order to prevent Sequence Breaker.pngSequence Breaker problems
  • Mrs. Rat’s crate now heals at a slightly slower rate
  • Immolation Potion.pngImmolation Potion, Large Ember.pngLarge Ember, and Radiance now perform better
  • Resource kickers no longer block mouse clicks
  • Fixed some issues causing Black Rabbit’s lever game chests to spawn in the wrong position
  • Cleaned up some old behavior that caused items in the secret shop to take damage when launched against the wall
  • Fixed a Mines encounter where a minecart was carrying a chest
  • Tenderfoot.pngTenderfoot now has the proper curse border
  • Fixed an issue where players could constantly respawn a ghost bridge in a Halls of Din encounter
  • Fixed an issue where Powder Shortage.pngPowder Shortage and other modifiers were conflicting with each other, producing weird stat results

Balance Changes[edit | edit source]

Other Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Selt has been promoted to Queen
  • Golden food has been reworked. Heals for half the amount of regular food. Counts as both gold and food in almost all cases. Sells for its gold value + half its food value
  • Golden Delicious.pngGolden Delicious now doubles the base healing of golden food
  • Keyboard movement now changes direction when pressing a new key, rather than releasing and old key
  • HUD status indicators are now sorted in Relic -> Blessing -> Potion order and show cooldown timers via a progress bar
  • Bramble Vest.pngBramble Vest now throws a spray of daggers when you get hit
  • Gecko's Foot.pngGecko's Foot now picks up Thorium
  • Removed the Dynamism.pngDynamism blessing (this was necessary to support new unique throwing items that significantly change how your thrown weapon works)
  • Certain sets of relics are now “slot-unique”. This means that only one at a time can be carried in a particular slot.
    Bomb relics have always operated this way and now Guidance.pngGuidance, Chakram.pngChakram, and Sequence Breaker.pngSequence Breaker do as well
  • Iron Branch.pngIron Branch has been replaced by a stackable relic named Hot Cross Bun.pngHot Cross Bun as the fallback relic when the pool has been exhausted
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