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0.3.1[edit | edit source]

Released – October 30, 2019

Versions – (Windows), (Mac), (Linux)


Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a crash related to loading Sho'guul's lair
  • Fixed a crash relating to dying while holding a Pilfer Credit Card.pngPilfer Credit Card
  • Cooldown timers now scale correctly with status indicators and have been recolored
  • Fixed an issue with Doom Blade.pngDoom Blade and the Pendant relics that prevented them from correctly calculating their stats when reloading from save state
  • Corrected some ownership issues preventing fireballs that had been reflected by Grimhilde's Mirror.pngGrimhilde's Mirror from destroying their target
  • Cleaned up some layering issues around locked and rocked chests
  • Fixed an issue preventing some Mortar-related achievements from being obtained
  • Waking Light.pngWaking Light is now less likely to shoot you from across the floor
  • Big Chests now proc Lockpick.pngLockpick
  • Fan of Knives.pngFan of Knives still procs even if the initial blow kills the target
  • Igniting your pickaxe while carrying lots of Gust.pngGust stacks now looks better
  • Fixed a graphical issue causing burning oil to become invisible
  • Fixed some issues causing Dibble to stock too many relics and to restock his store after reloading
  • Fixed the cost scaling of Black Rabbit’s lever game

Balance Changes[edit | edit source]

Other Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Cleaned up some font-related issues across various languages
  • Glasses.pngGlasses upgrade no longer allows you to see Mortar’s (beefy) arm HP
  • The invulnerability status granted after defeating a boss is now much less abusable
  • Glasses.pngGlasses now allows you to see the HP of Toadvine and Bathcat
  • Added an audio cue when entering a room with an Imp in it
PC Patch Notes
Current Version: 0.7.1