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When you have trouble unlocking some achievements, you can use this guide.

Single Achievements
Ach rescue lillyth.png A Dangerous Ally
Rescued Lillyth
Ach demon deal.png A Deal With The Demon
[Click to show]Made a deal with the demon Sho'guul.
Ach rescue beltrame.png A Friend In Need
Assisted Beltrame
Ach pilferloyalty.png A Loyal Customer
Joined the Pilfer Loyalty Program
Ach golden idol.png A True Adventurer
[Click to show]Discovered the Golden Idol
Ach expand shop.png A Very Loyal Customer
Completely expanded the Pilfer shop
Ach enter cavern.png All that Glitters is Not Gold
Entered the Shimmering Caverns
Ach cavern first.png An Unlikely Alliance
[Click to show]Entered the Shimmering Caverns before defeating Noori
Ach potionslot all.png Bandolier
Fully expanded the potion slots
Ach rescue griswold.png Behind the Bookcase
Discovered Griswold, the Collector
Ach potionslot.png Belt Loop
Expanded the potion slot once
Ach loot pilfer.png #Blessed
Defeated a Hoarding Pilfer
Ach hoarder bomb.png Bomb Hoarder
Held 99 bombs at once
Ach transmute.png Careful Planning
Transmuted 3 Relics at the same time using Transmutagen
Ach enter dungeon.png Delving In Delvemore
Entered the Delvemore Dungeon
Ach secret room.png Demolitionist
[Click to show]Discovered a Secret rooms
Ach sign destroyed.png Did You Read Them First?
Destroyed 20 signs
Ach pilfer stolen.png Easy Come, Easy Go
Lost 5,000 gold to pilfers
Ach pilfers gift.png Everyone Be Cool, This is a Robbery
[Click to show]Found the Pilfer's Gift
Ach familiar max level.png Familiar with Familiars
Raise a familiar to maximum level
Ach enter hall.png Forbid-din Halls
Entered the Halls of Din
Ach upgrade tunic.png Foxy
Fully upgraded the tunic
Ach dogs.png Good Boys
[Click to show]Found all 3 dogs in the UnderMine
Ach heal food.png Glutton for Punishment
Healed 1,000 hp using food in one run
Ach all bosses.png Hail To The King
Defeated Selt, Mortar, Noori, and Ponzu with the same peasant
Ach rescue kurtz.png Heart of Darkness
Rescued Kurtz
Ach hall first.png I Found A Shortcut
[Click to show]Entered the Halls of Din before defeating Mortar
Ach rescue blackrabbit.png Is This a Friend?
Met Black Rabbit
Ach tutorial complete.png It's A Secret to Everyone
[Click to show]Completed the tutorial
Ach upgrade bomb.png It's Pronounced Nuclear
Fully upgraded the bombs
Ach elixir.png I Was Saving That
[Click to show]Died with an Elixir in your inventory
Ach hoarder key.png Key Hoarder
Held 99 keys at once
Ach upgrade gloves.png Like a Glove
Fully upgraded the gloves
Ach upgrade sack.png Maximum Integrity
Fully upgraded the goldsack
Ach rescue dodson.png Mimicked
Rescued Dodson
Ach twart pilfer.png Money Grubbers
Thwarted 500 pilfers
Ach popcorn.png Never Tell Me the Odds
Had something popcorn 5 times in a row
Ach upgrade counterweight.png Perfectly Balanced
Fully upgraded the counter weight
Ach piracy.png Piracy
Stole an item from the shop
Ach decurse.png Purified
Cleansed a curse for the first time
Ach dibble shop done.png Ready For Business
Completely expanded Dibble's shop
Ach rescue wayland.png Returned to His Forge
Rescued Wayland
Ach shopception.png Shopception
[Click to show]Spawned a secret shop, in a secret shop, in a secret shop
Ach crawl space.png Spelunker
[Click to show]Discovered a Crawl Space
Ach rescue dibble.png Staying Positive
Rescued Dibble
Ach defeat gargoyles.png Stone Is Never Just Stone
Defeated the Dungeon Gargoyles
Ach fire doused.png Stop, Drop, and Roll... in Water
Put yourself out in water
Ach buyout shop.png Supermarket Sweep
Bought every item in a fully expanded shop
Ach cooked food.png Tastes Better This Way
Ate cooked food for the first time
Ach cursed.png Tempting Fate
Had 6 curses active at the same time
Ach dungeon first.png The Cat and the Toad
[Click to show]Entered the Delvemore Dungeon before defeating Selt, Queen of Sand
Ach upgrade pickaxe.png Trusty Pickaxe
Fully upgraded the pickaxe
Ach three potions.png Why Can't I Hold All These Potions?
Held 3 of the same potion at the same time
Multi-tier Achievements
Ach craft recipe 1.png Chemist I
Crafted a new potion
Ach craft recipe 2.png Chemist II
Crafted 10 new potions
Ach craft prayer 1.png Scribe I
Crafted a new blessing
Ach craft prayer 2.png Scribe II
Crafted 10 new blessings
Ach craft blueprint 1.png Artisan I
Crafted a new relic
Ach craft blueprint 2.png Artisan II
Crafted 10 new relics
Ach craft blueprint 3.png Artisan III
Crafted 20 new relics
Ach craft blueprint 4.png Artisan IV
Crafted 30 new relics
Ach defeat rocklord.png A Pebble in the Road
Defeated Mortar, Charged Golem
Ach defeat rocklord 2.png Thunderstruck
Defeated Mortar, Charged Golem without upgrades
Ach defeat shadowlord.png You Attack The Darkness
Defeated Noori, Spectre of Darkness
Ach defeat shadowlord 2.png Destroyer of Darkness
Defeated Noori, Spectre of Darkness without upgrades
Ach defeat crystallord.png Hydra Slayer
Defeated Ponzu, Scaled Assembly
Ach defeat crystaklord 2.png A Herculean Labor
Defeated Ponzu, Scaled Assembly without upgrades
Ach defeat selt.png Walk Without Rhythm
Defeated Selt, Queen of Sand
Ach defeat selt 2.png Worm Tamer
Defeated Selt, Queen of Sand without upgrades
Ach defeat rockmimic.png Not An Ordinary Rock
Defeated the Rockpile Mimic
Ach defeat rockmimic 2.png Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Defeated the Rockpile Mimic without upgrades
Ach died 1.png They Were Only Peasants
Died 10 times
Ach died 2.png A Mere Statistic
Died 50 times
Ach died 3.png A Slightly Larger Statistic
Died 100 times
Ach breeder 1.png Breeder I
Hatched a new egg
Ach breeder 2.png Breeder II
Hatched 5 new eggs
Ach summon stone 1.png Challenge Accepted
Lifted the Summoning Stone for the first time
Ach summon stone 2.png Hurt Me Plenty
Lifted the Summoning Stone 10 times
Ach summon stone 3.png Let's Suffer Together
Lifted the Summoning Stone 30 times
Ach skeleton peep 1.png They Weren't Going to Use It
Peeped 10 skeletons
Ach skeleton peep 2.png Defiler of the Dead
Peeped 100 skeletons
Ach gold spent 1.png Patron I
Spent 10,000 gold at shops
Ach gold spent 2.png Patron II
Spent 50,000 gold at shops
Ach gold spent 3.png Patron III
Spent 100,000 gold at shops
Deleted Achievements
Ach charm.png Buying Friendship
Charmed a priest and had them heal you


A journal with no upgrades.

The no upgrades requirement for Worm Tamer, Destroyer of Darkness, and Thunderstruck achievements refers to the left side of the player's journal. No blacksmith or permanent upgrades of any kind are allowed. This includes extra potion bottles, glasses, and other items from Arkanos.


  • There were only 62 achievements when they were added.[1]