Affluent Mimic

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Affluent Mimic
Affluent Mimic.png
Index No.14/56
Damage TypePhysical
DescriptionA mimic with a taste for the finer things
Scholars can not agree on when they first appeared, but they do all agree that this is a new, never seen before, breed of mimic. Mimics were already incredibly dangerous creatures, but the problem worsens as they adopt new forms.

The Affluent Mimic is an enemy in UnderMine. It masquerades as a standard Chest until it is attacked or interacted with. It attacks the player by leaping at them. It can be distinguished from a normal gold Chest from its redder sparkles or observing it shuddering when a Potion of True Sight.pngPotion of True Sight is consumed.

It is not damaged by Relics such as the Large Ember.pngLarge Ember or the Lightning Bomb.pngLightning Bomb's electricity until it is revealed. It will reveal itself if it is standing in burning oil or electrified water.

When killed it drops the same contents as the chest it was mimicking.

Affluent Mimic spawn rate increases significantly if the player is afflicted with Metamfiezomaiophobia.pngMetamfiezomaiophobia. If the player is cursed with Empty Coffers.pngEmpty Coffers, all closed gold Chests are Affluent Mimics. They will still drop their normal chest loot.

It does not drop food if the player has Leftovers.pngLeftovers.

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