Black Rabbit

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Black Rabbit
Portrait Black Rabbit.png
OccupationGaming Dealer
ShopBlack Rabbit's Bazaar
Oh ho ho! You have entered Black Rabbit's super special, totally-not-rigged, lottery!
Black Rabbit

One lever does nothing! One lever blows everything up! One lever lowers the wall and you go home rich! Do you dare pay to play?
Black Rabbit

Black Rabbit is a character in UnderMine. She only appears on runs and can host different rooms.

Rooms[edit | edit source]

She will offer the player a random blueprint for Gold10.png 25 the first time they encounter her.

Afterwards, she can be found in the following rooms:

  • A room with 2 chests and 3 levers, surrounded by unbreakable blocks. The player can spend Gold10.pngGold to pull the levers; one lever will do nothing, another destroys the chests, and the last one removes the blocks, allowing access to the chests.
  • A room with 9 chests in the middle. The player can pay Gold10.pngGold to pick up 3 out of 9 chests, which contain different rewards. The rewards can be seen dropping into the chest before shuffling; the chests are shuffled together, making it impossible to follow a single chest. The rewards include Gold, Schematics, Thorium, Relics, a Pilfer, Potions, and more.
  • A Shop, which can take keys, bombs, or health as currency instead of Gold; these prices are unaffected by Brittleness.pngBrittleness, Vulnerable.pngVulnerable, or Fortitude.pngFortitude. Items for sale include keys, bombs, Talismans, Potions, Blessings, Food, and Relics. The player can also sell one relic to her for gold. The Meal Ticket.pngMeal Ticket can spawn free food in her shop. The Rabbit Gloves.pngRabbit Gloves do not work.
    • Another shop may appear on the same floor in a secret room. She will sell different items in each shop.

Relics such as Leftovers.pngLeftovers and Miniaturizer.pngMiniaturizer work on her chest minigame.

The curses Empty Coffers.pngEmpty Coffers and Metamfiezomaiophobia.pngMetamfiezomaiophobia do not affect the chests.

Relics can be sold for gold by speaking with her in one of her shops. The relic is chosen by the player and only one can be sold per encounter.

Related Achievements[edit | edit source]

Ach rescue blackrabbit.png Is This a Friend?
Met Black Rabbit

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

She names herself Black Rabbit the Adorable, Mother of Critters, Queen of the Tavern, and Destroyer of Hot Cross Buns.

When comparing the item descriptions for Lucky Charm, Lockpick, and Lucky Lockpick- it is implied that her true name is Olivia and that she grew up as a street urchin.