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Black Rabbit
Portrait Black Rabbit.png
OccupationGaming Dealer
ShopBlack Rabbit's Bazaar

Black Rabbit is a Characters in UnderMine.

"Oh ho ho! You have entered Black Rabbit's super special, totally-not-rigged, lottery!

One lever does nothing! One lever blows everything up! One lever lowers the wall and you go home rich! Do you dare pay to play?"

~ Quote from the game

She names herself Black Rabbit the Adorable, Mother of Critters, Queen of the Tavern, and Destroyer of Hot Cross Buns.

You can only encounter her in a run, as she does not appear on the surface.

Special offers[edit | edit source]

The first time you meet her she will offer you a random blueprint for 25 Gold, claiming it's a good deal, but thinking it's not. However, the blueprint can be a rare one.
Afterwards, you have a chance to find her in a room with 2 chests and 3 levers, surrounded by unbreakable blocks.
One lever will do nothing, while the second can make the Chests disappear, and the third one will remove the blocks, giving you access to the chests.
You can pay 400 Gold to pick up 3 out of 9 chests, which contain different rewards. You will be able see the rewards go into the chest before shuffling, however, the chests are shuffled together, making it impossible to follow a single Chest. The price does not change, and the deeper you go the more likely you are to get more Gold than you paid.
The rewards include Gold, Schematics, Thorium, Relics, a Pilfer, Potions and more.
Another option you can encounter is a 'normal' Shop, in which you pay in keys, bombs, or health instead of Gold. The options for sale can include keys, bombs, Talisman, Potions, Blessings, Food and Relics.

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Met Black Rabbit

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