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Index No.26/56
AttackOverhead Slam
Damage TypePhysical
AttackUncontrolled Charge
Damage TypeExplosive
DescriptionA gentle giant with hands the size of barrels
Despite popular belief, Bobo is not the name of an individual creature, but the name of the species. Bobo are typically non-violent, unless provoked.

Bobo is an enemy in UnderMine. He has the highest attack damage of the non-boss enemies in The Goldmines, apart from the explosions from the Loaded Rat, and the Ticker.

He will peacefully wander around the room until provoked by receiving any kind of damage from the player, other enemies, bombs, traps, obstacles or other environmental sources.

Once provoked, he will start charging towards the player, damaging other enemies, and destroying any obstacles on its path.

Tips & Tricks[edit | edit source]

  • Once you learn its pattern, Bobo can be very useful in clearing rooms of rocks and blades, and opening the way to secret rooms.
  • Once provoked, he will quickly slam the ground once and charge towards you. After stopping, he will slam the ground three times before charging again. This is the perfect time to position yourself in front or behind obstacles you want to destroy, in order to have them in Bobo's line of charge.
  • Beware that he will destroy all items and potions when slamming or charging, so position yourself accordingly and collect them swiftly.
  • Bobo cannot go over pits, and will fall in, so he can be easily defeated by luring him towards one.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Bobo can destroy the spinning spikes on the rails, and will receive damage from them.
  • Bobo will one shot all food, bombs, keys, and potions.
  • He can be used to break locks on doors as well as all rocks in the room to find items, petrified rock, meat, and secret rooms.
  • He will receive damage from charging into walls.
  • Since he sprints uncontrollably in a straight line, he can fall into pits.
  • He damages some non-flying enemies as well.
  • He can hit you while running and push you in the air in a way that results into another hit.

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