Bomb Pilfer

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Bomb Pilfer
Bomb Pilfer.gif
Index No.2/56
AttackBomb Drop
Damage TypeExplosive
DescriptionA slime with a gift
The Pilfer's body is extremely sticky, and surprisingly sweet, not unlike honey. Because of this, Pilfers will occasionally absorb items they come into contact with.

Striking a Bomb Pilfer will dislodge the bomb, but the Pilfer will not thank you for the favor.

The Bomb Pilfer is a blue slime that loves Gold10.pngGold. It can appear at a lower rate than Pilfers when a piece of gold is dropped. It drops a lit Bomb.pngBomb when it is damaged. This bomb cannot destroy blue blocks even if the player has bought Echo Blast, but can be used to reveal Secrets.

Related Achievements[edit | edit source]

Ach twart pilfer.png Money Grubbers
Thwarted 500 pilfers
Ach pilfer stolen.png Easy Come, Easy Go
Lost 5,000 gold to pilfers

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