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Chests are objects found in UnderMine. They can be found in Secret rooms, normal rooms, Crawl Spaces, after solving puzzles, using the Sacrifice Room, or in spawned with the Chest in a Bottle potion.

There are different types of chests which contain different items.

Normal Chest[edit | edit source]


The basic chest variant. When opened it will drop Gold and one of:

These chests may be locked or covered in rocks, which will require a key or bomb to open them respectively. The chest has a small chance to be "trapped," which will eject 5-6 lit bombs, or reveal itself to be a Mimic.

Thorium Chest[edit | edit source]


The Thorium chest. When opened, Blueprints, Recipes, Blessing Tomes, or Familiar Eggs has 100% to drop in addition. The chest has a small chance to reveal itself as a Strange Mimic.

Gold Chest[edit | edit source]


This chest contains large amounts of Gold. It has a small chance to reveal itself as an Affluent Mimic.

Cursed Chest[edit | edit source]


This chest, when opened, will always afflict the player with a Curse. They can contain:

Big Chest[edit | edit source]


This chest requires 3 keys to open. It can contain:

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Metamfiezomaiophobia.pngMetamfiezomaiophobia significantly increases the chance of a chest to be a mimic.
  • Empty Coffers.pngEmpty Coffers will make all new discovered chests empty.
  • Rigged.pngRigged will make normal chests more likely to be trapped.
  • Chests that require a Key to open will hurt the player if cursed with Haunted Locks.pngHaunted Locks.
  • At level 2, the Spirit.pngSpirit increases the odds of finding a Potion as an additional drop.
  • Leftovers.pngLeftovers guarantees an additional Food drop from any chest.

History[edit | edit source]

Changelog for Chest
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Gallery[edit | edit source]