Crimson Skeleton

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Crimson Skeleton
Crimson Skeleton.png
Index No.48/56
AttackBone Toss
Damage TypePhysical
Damage TypePhysical
DescriptionAn abomination that defies death
Skeletons that bear the crimson color were once human like all animated skeletons of the UnderMine. However, their color is indicative of dark puppetry, carried out over millennia.

The remains of these poor souls have been used to nefarious ends for so long that they have forgotten what is it to rest.

The Crimson Skeleton is an enemy in UnderMine. When it is destroyed, its skull drops nearby; after a few seconds it will regenerate with full health. Hitting the skull 3 times will permanently kill it. It has two attacks: it can throw a bone towards the player, or if in melee range, swipe at the player. It can be spawned by Necromancer.pngNecromancers.

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