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A Curse is similar to a blessing, but it will lower the stats or load some misery on the Peasant. All curses and their effects can be stacked.

Having two of the same curse will count as having the same one, but on a higher level. So for example, if you have 3 Of the exact same curse it still counts as a single curse, on level 3. This affects some items in the game, such as Absolution.

Major curses has double the effect of their minor curse version.

Indexed list of Curses[edit | edit source]

Getting and removing curses[edit | edit source]

Curse is inflicted by: opening a cursed Chest, destroying purple Torches, praying in Altars, taking deals from Offering Rooms or Sho'guul and from Will o' the Wisp.

You may get rid from a curse using: Talisman, Penance at Altars, Holy Water, Purge Potion, Absolution and Purification Potion.

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