Delvemore Dungeon

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Delvemore Dungeon is a dungeon location in UnderMine.

It is unlocked by defeating Selt, Queen of Sand or Bathcat and Toadvine at the dungeon's entrance. Its boss is Mortar, Charged Golem, located on its 4th floor. Many rooms contain statues that hold Gold or Thorium.

Common enemies[edit | edit source]

Related Achievements[edit | edit source]

Ach enter dungeon.png Delving In Delvemore
Entered the Delvemore Dungeon
Ach rescue dibble.png Staying Positive
Rescued Dibble
Ach rescue lillyth.png A Dangerous Ally
Rescued Lillyth
Ach rescue kurtz.png Heart of Darkness
Rescued Kurtz
Ach defeat gargoyles.png Stone Is Never Just Stone
Defeated the Dungeon Gargoyles
Ach defeat rocklord.png A Pebble in the Road
Defeated Mortar, Charged Golem
Ach defeat rocklord 2.png Thunderstruck
Defeated Mortar, Charged Golem while Rogue's Ultimatum is applied