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Index No.2/11
Crafting CostThorium1.png 100
Leveling up byFinding and entering secret rooms
A cunning ally that sees through deception
Djinn are creatures that make the clouds their home. They are highly intelligent and have a devious sense of humor.
Keen Preception
The Djinn points out bombable walls for the peasant
The Djinn points out hidden staircases for the peasant
Discovered Treasure
Every few rooms the Djinn will discover a treasure for the player

Djinn is a Familiar of the Peasant and helps find secret rooms.

The Djinn gains 30 XP for entering any secret room or Crawl Space. The Djinn also gains 20 XP when entering a new level in The Goldmines, and 40 XP when entering a new level in Delvemore Dungeon. To gain level 2, 300 XP is required, and to gain level 3, 900 XP is required, for a total of 1200 XP in order to gain the maximum level of the Djinn.

The Djinn's level 2 ability does not find hidden staircases in discovered rooms if it levels up on that floor. Its level 3 ability can activate when discovering Hoodie's room.

If the player has the Secrecy Curse, the Djinn still snaps its fingers when entering a room with a secret, but the sparkles do not appear.

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