Dusty Book

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Dusty Book
Dusty Book.png
Index No.17/23
Crafting CostThorium1.png
Shop CostGold10.png
EffectA well worn and dirty book
The title of the book seems to be "Creatures of the Undermine," but it is difficult to tell due to the book's poor condition. Written inside the cover is "Property of Arkanos, return to the library when finished." There is also a card slipped into a paper pouch. Four entries are written on the card that all read "Dibble," with four dates next to each. The dates all seem to be a week apart.

Dusty Book.pngDusty Book is an artifact in UnderMine.

Dusty Book is an artifact found after using Library Key.pngLibrary Key at Auduin's library, which is located at Halls of Din. The book can be put on a bookshelf located behind Arkanos the Archmage to unlock Griswold, the Collector.