Fiery Uberglomp

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Fiery Uberglomp
Fiery Uberglomp.png
Index No.20/56
Damage TypePhysical
DescriptionA fiery mess
"Well, now we have fireballs within fireballs." - The last words of an unknown peasant. Uttered during a tragic shaft fire. It left an entire subarea of the UnderMine inaccessible.

The Fiery Uberglomp is an enemy in UnderMine. It splits into two Fiery Glomp.pngFiery Glomps when killed. It cannot directly change into an Oiled Uberglomp.pngOiled Uberglomp as it will instantly set oil on fire. It turns into an Uberglomp.pngUberglomp when it lands in water. The Glomp jumps lightly around the room, but when it is close to the player, it jumps high and damages the player when it lands, leaving a pool of fire on the ground.

The Fiery Uberglomp is fire-resistant. It cannot be set on fire and is immune to the Large Ember.pngLarge Ember, Firebird attacks, and the Immolation Potion.pngImmolation Potion.

As it can jump over high bricks when attacking it is one of the few enemies that can attack the player through blocks.

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