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Index No.3/8
Leveling up byKilling enemies
A hot tempered bird
A legendary bird, worshiped as a demigod in the deserts to the far east.
The Firebird will occasionally fire fireballs at enemies
Fire Attunement
Reduces incoming fire damage and both the Firebird and peasant deal increased fire damage
The duration of the ignite effect is increased for enemies

Firebird is the trusty familiar of the peasant which fights enemies with fireballs.

If the target is surrounded by more Enemies, they will get hit as well.

  • Fireballs deals 50% of the peasant's throw damage
  • Fireball ignite damage is based on the peasant's throw damage
  • Fire Attunement increases fire damage by 50%
  • Available when you unlock Griswold, the Collector.
  • Deal 50% damage to Selt as she is strong against fire damage.
  • Will attack these Enemies, but will not damage them: Gargoyle, Fiery Glomp, Fiery Uberglomp
  • While attacking the Lightning Mite, the attacks do not count as the player damaging it, and therefore the player will not be damaged.

Fire related items[edit | edit source]

Some items are more effective when firebird reaches level 2 and 3:

Gallery[edit | edit source]