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Food are consumable items that restore a certain amount of hp to the peasant when you collect them by running over it.

Food items include:

Cooked versions:

Golden versions:

Food HP scale[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Food may drop from Chests, Enemies, when clearing Rooms, due to the effect of some Relics or destroying objects. You may also purchase food in the shop.
  • The Golden Delicious Relic will turn all food to golden food.
  • Food may not be carried, it is always consumed immediately as you run over it. There is an option in the game menu to avoid consuming food while being at full health (disabled by default).
  • Food may be destroyed if attacked enough times or if it is run over by certain enemies. It may also drop down on pits if pushed.
  • Food can be cooked to get a bit more healing. Be careful not to destroy the food though.
  • You can upgrade the effectiveness of food permantly if you buy shakers.
  • Food in Shops can be cooked to get a bit more healing, but the food's cost increase greatly.
  • All food will be cooked if you have Pocket Grill. However, you cannot stop the cooking, which means The Crumbles Curse will pretty much destroy all food.
  • If you cook food that is on water it will still be cooked and will only take 1-2 damage instead of 4.