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0.4.0 - Hotfix 1[edit | edit source]

Released – December 17th , 2019

Versions – (Windows), (Mac), (Linux)


Bug fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an issue with Ponzu's head animation (he was getting hunched up too much)
  • Fixed a softlock related to the second Toadvine and Bathcat encounter. (you could fall down into Noori's room during the encounter and it would never end properly)

0.4.0 - Crystalline Update[edit | edit source]

Released – December 17th , 2019

Versions – (Windows), (Linux), (Mac)


Features[edit | edit source]

Added 13 new enemies[edit | edit source]

Added 7 new achievements[edit | edit source]

Ach summon stone 1.png Challenge Accepted
Lifted the Summoning Stone for the first time
Ach summon stone 2.png Hurt Me Plenty
Lifted the Summoning Stone 10 times
Ach summon stone 3.png Let's Suffer Together
Lifted the Summoning Stone 30 times
Ach cavern first.png An Unlikely Alliance
[Click to show]Entered the Shimmering Caverns before defeating Noori
Ach enter cavern.png All that Glitters is Not Gold
Entered the Shimmering Caverns
Ach defeat crystallord.png Hydra Slayer
Defeated Ponzu, Scaled Assembly
Ach defeat crystaklord 2.png A Herculean Labor
Defeated Ponzu, Scaled Assembly without upgrades

Peasant Variation has been added[edit | edit source]

  • Peasants now come in all different color combinations

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Reflections have been fixed on several assets
  • Lurker.pngLurkers can no longer impale themselves
  • Fixed an issue preventing Seertooth.pngSeertooth and Electrorock.pngElectrorock from spawning in the Dungeon of Delvemore and Halls of Din
  • Gargoyle.pngGargoyles now indicate that they are immune to fire damage
  • Load order of certain relics and blessings has been improved, resulting in more accurate save restoring
  • Fixed a bug related to Compulsion.pngCompulsion making you drink a potion that would remove Compulsion.pngCompulsion
  • Fixed a soft lock that could be caused while dying with both Lucky Charm.pngLucky Charm and Resurrection.pngResurrection
  • Plague.pngPlague now works as intended on food purchased from the shop
  • Fixed an exploit allowing you to get an arbitrary number of Shiitake.pngShiitake mushrooms by talking to Matsutake repeatedly
  • Fixed an issue related to rotating enemies with off-center collision shapes
  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause you to hit yourself if swinging and jumping on the same frame
  • Fixed numerous crash bugs across multiple systems

Balance Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Increased the difficulty rating of Ticker.pngTickers, causing them to spawn in lower quantities
  • Increased the difficulty rating of Gargoyle.pngGargoyles, causing them to spawn in lower quantities
  • Footman.pngFootman are now strong to ranged attacks
  • Many encounters that could only spawn a rare chest now spawn a random chest instead
  • Rare chest contain slightly less thorium
  • Duration of Battle Standard.pngBattle Standard has been reduced
  • Inner Fire cast by Ardor Priest.pngArdor Priests increases health and damage more
  • Damage from spikes and falling in holes increases with zone progression
  • TRANSMUT3.pngTRANSMUT3 Machines and “Health Levers” now have a chance to break after a certain number of uses (randomly decided on encounter start)
  • Thunderbird.pngThunderbird, Firebird.pngFirebird, and Nikko.pngNikko take slightly more exp to gain level 2 and 3
  • Sylph.pngSylph requires more exp to gain level 2 and 3
  • Djinn.pngDjinn requires slightly less xp to gain level 2, and slightly more exp to gain level 3
  • Spirit.pngSpirit requires slightly more exp to gain level 2 and 3

Other Changes[edit | edit source]

  • An improvement to Skeleton.pngSkeletons
  • Gold cost scaling in the shop has been reworked. It increases at a slower pace, but reaches the same level at its current maximum
  • Added an extra arm to the Crypt Lurker.pngCrypt Lurker
  • Spikes now have a unique look in each zone
  • Object occlusion has been standardized across objects
  • Items, enemies, and the Peasant now occlude environmental objects like pillars. Meaning you can see a silhouette of them.
  • Environmental objects no longer occlude other environmental objects
  • Cleaned up reflections and shadows on several objects
  • Our shader and material system has been overhauled in order to support faster and better visual effects, including better reflections
  • Wall and pillars have been rebuilt for most rooms, resulting in fewer texture layering issues
  • Cleaned up the navmesh, hazard grids, and added pilfer exits to nearly every room
  • Player HP bar is now capped at a maximum width (note that your Max HP can continue to increase as usual)
  • Improved detection and recovery of corrupted save files
  • Galoshes.pngGaloshes now leave oil on sand
PC Patch Notes
Current Version: 0.5.2