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Index No.40/56
Damage TypeFire
Damage TypePhysical
DescriptionA creature that watches and waits
Gargoyles are patient creatures. They spend weeks at a time as stone statues, watching, and waiting for their prey. While in this state they quickly recover from wounds and are impervious to most types of attacks.

Gargoyle is an enemy in UnderMine. Gargoyles are first encountered while trying to get a key for a quest in the first floor of Delvemore Dungeon.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Bombardment attack will only be used if the player stays in front of the creature, due to its ability to only shoot horizontally and vertically. Can be easily avoided by jumping aside. However, try to avoid the attack while carrying the Galoshes.
  • Gargoyles will transform back into stone statues and regenerate health if they are not killed quickly enough. Bombs are still able to damage them while transformed. Even if the bomb does not kill them, they still take the damage. Any normal attacks will not damage them.
  • The Gargoyles' attack will set oil on fire and also set you on fire when hit. Galoshes are a dangerous Relic to carry when fighting these.
  • You can tell if it is a normal statue or a monster by looking at the eyes. The monster one will look the same as the statue, but it will have white eyes. Normal statues have grey eyes.
  • Gargoyles will stay in their statue form and will not start attacking until you get close to them.
  • Gargoyles cannot be set on fire, and will not take damage from Large Ember and Immolation Potion. They can still take fire type damage, for example, Firebird's attacks.
  • Having Firebird.pngFirebird or Gordon's Tunic.pngGordon's Tunic reduce the damage taken from their attack.

Related Achievements[edit | edit source]

Ach defeat gargoyles.png Stone Is Never Just Stone
Defeated the Dungeon Gargoyles

Gallery[edit | edit source]