Hoarding Pilfer

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Hoarding Pilfer
Hoarding Pilfer.gif
Index No.3/56
DescriptionA slime with an actual gift
There is a lot about Pilfer behavior that is unknown. Most Pilfers drop off their spoils somewhere in the UnderMine.

Hoarding Pilfers, however, consume their bounty, embedding it in their body. They are attracted to anything seemingly of value including gold and thorium.

Hoarding Pilfer are golden slimes that drop Gold10.pngGold and Thorium.pngThorium when hit. It will not steal gold, although the gold it drops will attract other Pilfers. After a period of time has passed it will leave; hitting it 10 times before it does so will make it drop a random Blessing.

It can be found (at very low encounter rates):

If the player has Unstable Concoction.pngUnstable Concoction the hoarding pilfer can be damaged from the gold that drops from it.

Related Achievements[edit | edit source]

Ach loot pilfer.png #Blessed
Defeated a Hoarding Pilfer

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