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Index No.1/23
Crafting CostThorium1.png
Shop CostGold10.png
EffectAn enchanted journal
A blank journal enchanted by Arkanos. It automatically inscribes everything its bearer senses, so there is no need to put pen to paper. It is passed on to new peasants by the canary along with the goldsack. This way peasants can know what their predecessors witnessed, and maybe not share in their fate.

Journal.pngJournal is an artifact in UnderMine.

It is an artifact given to the peasant by Arkanos, the Archmage upon picking it up from his room.

The journal lists all the peasant upgrades the player has acquired as well as pages for the Bestiary, Relics, Blessings and Curses documenting which the they have encountered. A Relic or Potion must be picked up to be recorded in the journal. There is also a page with total and run specific statistics.

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