Large Ember

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Large Ember
Large Ember.png
Index No.58/154
Crafting CostThorium1.png 24
Shop CostGold10.png 400
EffectLight nearby enemies on fire
An ember, kicked from a bonfire in the depths of the UnderMine.

Large Ember.pngLarge Ember is a relic in UnderMine.

It causes nearby enemies to be inflicted with minor fire damage (1-3 per second). It has synergies with the Immolation Potion.pngImmolation Potion, which increases the rate of damage inflicted, and the Firebird familiar, which will increase damage output.

This relic will provoke Bobos and convert Oiled Glomps and Oiled Uberglomps into Fiery Glomps and Fiery Uberglomps respectively. It will not destroy Will o' the Wisps or damage Mimics and Minics until they have awakened. Pilfers are unaffected.

It does not cook food, or light unlit fires.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Its description, name, and image are a reference to the item of the same name from the Dark Souls series.
  • While carrying this item the character has a shiny visual effect.