Lightning Mite

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Lightning Mite
Lightning Mite.png
Index No.35/56
Damage TypeLightning
DescriptionAn electrically charged insect
These giant mites are attracted to dark and damp places. It is a perfect breeding ground for their offspring.

Lightning Mites build a static charge by rubbing their chitin together while walking. They can release this charge as a defense mechanism, electrifying their attacker with the strength of a lightning strike.

Lightning Mite is an Enemy in UnderMine. Lightning Mites are first encountered in Delvemore Dungeon. When Lightning Mites stop moving, they will begin to radiate electricity. If the player hits a Lightning Mite while in this state, the electricity will arc from the Mite to the player and the player will take damage. This happens regardless whether the mite was hit by a swing, a thrown weapon, or a Bomb laid by the player. This attack will also electrify any water the mite may be in, damaging the player and other Enemies if they are in the same water pool.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Lightning mites are immune to any electrical damage. They are not hurt by electrified water or by the Thunderbird attacks.
  • Their damage counts as electric damage, which can be reduced with Gordon's Tunic.pngGordon's Tunic, or if you have the Thunderbird Familiar at level 2.
  • The Lightning Mites do not deal contact damage at all. Even when they electrify their surroundings, touching them does not hurt the player -- they only damage the player by countering attacks.
  • Familiars that attack the lightning mite do not count as the player damaging it, and therefore the player will not receive damage.
  • When they stop walking, it is a sign they are about to electrify.
  • Guidance.pngGuidance can be particularly dangerous with Lightning Mites around, as an attack against nearby enemies can ricochet to the mite, and damage the player.
  • Indirect damage, such as Large Ember.pngLarge Ember can damage charged Lightning Mites without triggering their counterattack.