Lucent Imp

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Lucent Imp
Lucent Imp.png
Index No.39/56
AttackEchoing Clap
Damage TypePhysical
DescriptionA creature not even imagined in lore
These creatures are completely unknown to the denizens of the Kingdom of Delvemore. No human has ever laid eyes on one... until now.

Arkanos' peasants may rest peacefully knowing that they have accomplished at least one special thing in their lives, and that is witness the majesty of the Lucent Imps.

Lucent Imp is an enemy in UnderMine

Lucent Imps shoot a blue projectile that either homes in towards the player or is aimed towards the giant crystals that reflect the attack into 4 projectiles; the latter do not follow the player. If two of these crystals keep reflecting projectiles to each other, they will stop after a few seconds.

You cannot destroy the projectile with your pickaxe, but it can be destroyed when it collides with a wall or after a period of time. If the Lucent Imp is killed, the projectile stops tracking you and will continue to fly in the direction it was heading until it hits something.