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Index No.23/56
Damage TypeExplosive
DescriptionA subterranean creature with deadly piercing attacks
No one has actually seen a Lurker's entire body. It is thought that these creatures cling to the stalactites of huge caves and attack their victims from below.

There are actually mining procedures for what to do in the case of a Lurker attack. You are to get to higher ground and pretend like the floor will kill you, because it quite literally will.

Lurker is an enemy in UnderMine.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Lurker's Impale attack begins after the Lurker's blink animation. A trail of spikes will erupt from the floor in the direction of the player when this happens. The attack has a large range of at least five tiles--it will easily stretch from the entire height of the player's screen- but the attack is easily avoided by jumping.
  • Attacking a Lurker with a Status Effects, such as those provided by Seertooth or Toxin, can help to keep track of the Lurker's location.
  • Attacks from the Lurkers are able to destroy blocks and reveal Secret rooms.
  • The lurker's attacks cannot go across holes, but the lurker itself can.
  • Wayland's Boots.pngWayland's Boots grant immunity to its attacks.

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