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Index No.13/56
Damage TypePhysical
DescriptionA deceptive enemy that strikes when one's guard is down
Mimics are devious creatures that have evolved to look like mundane, human objects, the most common of which is a chest.

It is rumoured that the mimic's imitation is not perfect -- that there is a small flaw. If one were to discover it, they would be able to avoid engaging these monsters.

Mimic is an enemy in UnderMine. It is almost identical in appearance to a chest. While using Potion of True Sight all Mimics and Minics will shiver, which makes them easier to notice. One way to know if a chest is a mimic is to look for the sparkles the chest produces. If the sparkles are red, the chest is a mimic. Normal Chests' sparkles are yellowish. Mimics can also be revealed by hitting the chest.

Mimics will jump directly on the player. You can still avoid this attack by moving, but you need to time your attacks.

When killed mimics drop the same contents as the chest they are mimicking.

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