Noori, Spectre of Darkness

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Noori, Spectre of Drakness

Noori, Spectre of Darkness is currently the fourth boss in UnderMine at the final room of Halls of Din. Drops Noori's Fragment.pngNoori's Fragment alongside the Othermine Conduit.pngOthermine Conduit's Schematics after beating it for the first time.

Attack pattern[edit | edit source]

  • Noori, Spectre of Darkness doesn't do contact damage, but will receive less damage as the area grows darker. 25% less for every extinguished flames. If all flames are out Noori takes 0 damage.

Attack 1 - A portal will open near the player from which a hand will try to hit you.
Attack 2 - Noori will teleport to one of the side corner of the arena and shoot a wave of orbs one after the other towards the player's location. Can be used to light up the Torches. The torch he lands on extinguishes.
Attack 3 - Noori will extinguish all flames and will teleport to the upper middle of the room. He will start shooting lasers, and in the same time summoning orbs that chase the player. These orbs will disappear after a while, and an be used to ignite any extinguished flames. Gives Curse to the player after been hit. You can use the orbs to ignite the torches. The beam does not lit up the torches.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • He is the only boss right now with ranged shots. This shots can be returned to him using a melee attack with Grimhilde's Mirror. You will not get Cursed if you return his 3rd attack. However, at a certain point the orbs will stop following you and keep going at the same direction. So notice sometimes you might reflect them, but they will still continue towards you! Also, this means they will not follow Noori like other reflected bullets, but will go towards his general direction.
  • When there are no flames lit up at all, noori's color will change a bit.
  • The Torches can be lit by the player with Salamander Tail.pngSalamander Tail, Fury Potion.pngFury Potion and such.
  • The Torches cannot be destroyed.

Related Achievements[edit | edit source]

Ach defeat shadowlord.png You Attack The Darkness
Defeated Noori, Spectre of Darkness
Ach defeat shadowlord 2.png Destroyer of Darkness
Defeated Noori, Spectre of Darkness without upgrades

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