Ogre Annihilator

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Ogre Annihilator
Ogre Annihilator.png
Index No.31/56
Damage TypeExplosive
DescriptionKing of the "scavengers"
Rook for many years experienced burglaries of his forge. He never reported them to the guard because he didn't want to reveal what he had been working on.

It turns out the thieves were not men, but ogres... with a tasty appetite for destruction.

Ogre Annihilator is an enemy in UnderMine.

This Orge throws Rook's Bombs, which explode in a + shape, and hurt everything in their way.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

  • When the Ogre Annhihilator is spawned upon entering a room, the Ogre Annhihilator will walk around the room.
  • After he stops walking the Ogre Annhihilator will throw 1-3 bombs in succession.

Just like the Ogre Bombardier and the Troll Bombardier, the Ogre Annhihilator is immune to Throwbo and the Rocks he throws. It is possible to damage him with his own bombs however, this can be achieved by hitting the Rook's bomb towards the Ogre Annhihilator, if he gets hit by the explosion, he will be damaged. When he gets hit by a Rook's bomb that has not been placed/touched by the Peasant however, he will be immune to it.

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