Oiled Glomp

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Oiled Glomp
Oiled Glomp.png
Index No.21/56
Damage TypePhysical
DescriptionA Glomp that has come into contact with oil
Glomps were originally thought to be just water creatures, until an oil spill in the Delvemore mines revealed that these creatures quickly absorb elements in their environment. After this discovery, oil safety was taken more seriously, but only marginally.

Oiled Glomp is an enemy in UnderMine. It can change into a Glomp.pngGlomp after landing into water or into a Fiery Glomp.pngFiery Glomp after getting hit with fire damage. It creates small oil slicks wherever it lands and a bigger pool of oil on attack. It jumps lightly in the room, but when close to the player, it jumps high and damages the player upon landing.

Glomp.pngGlomps can turn into Oiled Glomps when they land on oil.

As it can jump over high blocks when attacking it is one of the few enemies that can attack through blocks.

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