Oiled Uberglomp

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Oiled Uberglomp
Oiled Uberglomp.png
Index No.22/56
Damage TypePhysical
DescriptionTwo glomps, understandably stuck together
Oil safety was taken a smidge more seriously once it was discovered that they can come in pairs.

Oiled Umberglomp is an enemy in UnderMine. It splits into two Oiled Glomp.pngOiled Glomps after being killed. It can change into an Uberglomp.pngUberglomp after landing in water or into a Fiery Uberglomp.pngFiery Uberglomp when hit with a fire attack. It creates small oil slicks wherever it lands and a bigger slick when attacking. It jumps lightly in the room, but when close to the player, will jump high and damages the player when it lands.

An Uberglomp.pngUberglomp can turn into an Oiled Uberglomp when it lands in oil.

As it can jump over high walls when attacking the player, it is one of the few enemies that can attack through blocks.

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