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Disambig.png This article is about the stealing npc pilfer. For the shop keeper, see Shop Keeper. For the character, see Pilfer (NPC).
Index No.1/56
DescriptionA slime with a weak spot for gold.
"Pilfer" was originally a pejorative nickname given to these creatures, as they constantly attempted to steal gold mined by the peasants.

There seems to be no end to them. They have become a constant in the gold mines and other parts of the UnderMine. It is unknown who the Pilfers serve or what they do with the gold they steal

Pilfer are cute, green slimes, which love gold. Once free Gold hits the ground, the pilfers will appear and attempt to steal it except when the player is in The Hub or a Boss room.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Pilfers can push you if they bump into you. This can make you fall into a pit, to be pushed into items you wanted to save for later, on spikes, and more.
  • Pilfers do not count as an enemy, and this affects some items in the game. For example, Butcher's Cleaver, and Intensifier will not be activated by those, and Conductor will not electrocute them.
  • Pilfers die from one hit, therefore spikes, electricity, and fire are useful.
  • Pilfers can trigger traps.
  • Pilfers go to a random chunk of gold each, it does not have to be biggest one. Once its pilfer dies, the carried gold chunk will not be taken by other pilfers until the player leaves the room or more gold drops to the floor.
  • If you take a pilfer's specific Gold chunk and then more gold is mined and that pilfer is still in the room, they might go for another gold chunk.
  • Although pilfers do not appear in The Hub to steal money, they will steal Blessings, Potions and Relics if you have already crafted more than one of each for this run.
  • Pilfers will not appear only to steal Thorium, but rarely, they can steal it.
  • Pilfers will steal Golden food.
  • Pilfers can be changed into other pilfers if you use the TRANSMUT3 Installation in a room with them.

Related Achievements[edit | edit source]

Ach twart pilfer.png Money Grubbers
Thwarted 500 pilfers
Ach pilfer stolen.png Easy Come, Easy Go
Lost 5,000 gold to pilfers

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