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A shop that is run by the Shop Keeper. Appears on every floor starting from The Goldmines 2.

The player can pay 1200 gold to join the loyalty program, which will unlock the Pilfer (NPC) in The Hub.

A TRANSMUT3 will spawn randomly if TRANSMUT3 Installation upgrade is bought. More often with the TRANSMUT3 Expansion and even more often with the TRANSMUT3 Saturation.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Any Items that are destroyed in the shop will take money from the players. This can bring them down to 0 gold.
  • Food can be grilled in the shop to get more value, but their cost will increase a lot.
  • Gold is the only currency for this Shop.
  • The shop may require a Key to get into.
  • The shop will always contain at least 1 Food item and 1 Basic Item.
  • This shop can be upgraded by buying upgrades from the Pilfer (NPC).
  • Some Curses, such as Waking Light.pngWaking Light and Rain of Fire.pngRain of Fire are ignored in the shop and will not activate.

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