Pocket Grill

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Pocket Grill
Pocket Grill.png
Index No.57/131
Shop CostGold10.png 500
EffectCooks all your food
A cooking grill, miniaturized by a wizard that enjoyed backpacking in The Enchantments.

Pocket Grill.pngPocket Grill is a relic in UnderMine.

It cooks all food that drops on the ground. Food that dropped before picking up the Grill will also be cooked when the player returns to the room it is in. All food items found in the store will cook and become more expensive, unless the TRANSMUT3 Installation is used; the food spawned by it will remain uncooked.

The Grill interacts negatively with the following Curse and Relic:

  • The Crumbles.pngThe Crumbles: Food is instantly destroyed as cooking it is considered applying fire damage to it.
  • Golden Delicious.pngGolden Delicious: All instances of food become golden food which cannot be cooked, rendering the Grill useless.