Ponzu's Fragment

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Ponzu's Fragment
Ponzu's Fragment.png
Index No.5/23
Crafting Cost
Shop Cost
EffectA stone fragment depicting the Crystal Lord
Ponzu, a hydra with an unknown amount of heads, sheds his scales constantly. These scales take on life and act as individual entities, but they remain networked with Ponzu and one another. They grant their strength to one another, and act in coordinated assaults. Battling Ponzu is terrible war of attrition that none seem to have the stamina for.

Ponzu's Fragment.pngPonzu's Fragment is an artifact in UnderMine.

It drops from Ponzu, Scaled Assembly in the last floor of The Shimmering Caverns once he has been defeated for the first time. When unlocked it is embedded in the ancient and mysterious gate found in the back room of the hub.

Lore[edit | edit source]

  • Arkanos says that once the five fragments will be brought together, they will seal away a great evil.