Ponzu, Scaled Assembly

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Ponzu, Scaled Assembly
Ponzu, Scaled Assembly.png
At the bottom of The Shimmering Caverns lays Ponzu, Scaled Assembly, lord of crystal, and ancient one. Everything the twinkling light of the caverns touches is his, including you, the peasant. His Scales, shed from his body, roam the cave network attacking intruders in coordinated assaults.

In some tales, Ponzu has been described as a hydra, but more specifically he is a hive being. The Scales he sheds act under his influence and share traits with one another. These Scales grow increasingly more powerful as they increase in number, so be swift peasant, and dispatch them with haste.

Slay Ponzu and you may claim his fragment for Arkanos, advancing one step closer to your goal. Of course, the thought of a peasant slaying this incredible beast is ridiculous. Delving in The Shimmering Caverns is assuredly certain death.

~ Journal

Ponzu, Scaled Assembly is the boss in the final room of The Shimmering Caverns. It drops Ponzu's Fragment.pngPonzu's Fragment after being beaten for the first time.

Attack pattern[edit | edit source]

The boss arena is rectangular with four pits, out of which Ponzu's heads can emerge from. Ponzu has multiple phases in battle: after each quarter of his health is removed, a new head will appear. Ponzu can be damaged by striking the crystal on one of his necks.

All heads have the same attack pattern. It consists of the following:

  • Headbutting the wall behind it: summons Winged Scales, Toxic Scales, and/or Unbreakable Scales.
  • Spitting an ice ball that explodes into circular ice waves.
  • Emitting a green shockwave cry that pushes and damages the peasant.
  • Shooting an ice beam up and down half the room.

Related Achievements[edit | edit source]

Ach defeat crystallord.png Hydra Slayer
Defeated Ponzu, Scaled Assembly
Ach defeat crystaklord 2.png A Herculean Labor
Defeated Ponzu, Scaled Assembly while Rogue's Ultimatum is applied
Ach all bosses.png Hail To The King
Defeated Selt, Mortar, Noori, Ponzu, and Seer with the same peasant
Ach golden core shortcut.png Peasants do what Bathcan't
Entered the Golden Core before defeating Ponzu

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