Purge Potion

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Purge Potion
Purge Potion.png
Index No.21/60
Shop CostGold10.png 150
EffectRemoves a curse and deals 75 damage.
Sometimes the good must suffer in order for evil to be purged from the world.

Purge Potion.pngPurge Potion is a potion in UnderMine.

It is used to remove one Curse at random at the cost of 75 HP. The damage can be mitigated in a few ways:

  • The Nullstone.pngNullstone can nullify all of the damage.
  • The potion will inflict 1 HP of damage if the player has the Karmic Scale.pngKarmic Scale.
  • Aegis.pngAegis and Hoodie's Pillow.pngHoodie's Pillow will greatly reduce damage. Does not work if Karmic Scale is in the player's possession.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Purging is the act of cleansing with the connotation of doing so in a violent manner.

Related Achievements[edit | edit source]

Ach three potions.png Why Can't I Hold All These Potions?
Held 3 of the same potion at the same time
Ach decurse.png Purified
Cleansed a curse for the first time