Rat Bond

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Rat Bond
Rat Bond.png
Index No.116/131
Crafting CostThorium.png 26
Shop CostGold10.png 250
EffectBecome charming to rats
A token of friendship between peasant and pest.

Rat Bond.pngRat Bond is a relic in UnderMine.

  • The blueprints are given to you by Mr. Rat upon helping him and Mrs. Rat
  • All rats become charmed, and attack other enemies in the room. They do not have to be defeated to clear the room, and the player cannot hurt them directly.
  • Other enemies will attack the rats if they are closer to them than you. The rats can also take damage from the environment, and can fall into pits.
  • When the room is cleared, the rats will follow the player. They can push him around, which may hurt the player (upon being pushed into pits, spikes, traps and such).
  • Since the rats' attack knockback, they can also push enemies into pits.
  • Rat Matron.pngRat Matron will boost the other rats' damage and speed as well.