Rat Bond

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Rat Bond
Rat Bond.png
Index No.128/154
Crafting CostThorium1.png 15
Shop CostGold10.png 250
EffectBecome charming to rats
A token of friendship between peasant and pest.

Rat Bond.pngRat Bond is a relic in UnderMine.

It charms all rats to fight for the Peasant and attack other enemies in the room; as the rats' attacks have knockback, they can push enemies into pits. The rats cannot be directly attacked and do not need to be defeated to clear the room. Rats can still take damage from other enemies and the environment. The rats will follow the Peasant across rooms and are able to push them onto environmental dangers like spikes and pits.

A charmed Rat Matron.pngRat Matron boosts other rats' damage and speed.

Its blueprint is acquired from Mr. Rat after helping him and Mrs. Rat.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This relic is often referred to as "Cheese" due to its icon.