Rockpile Mimic

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Rockpile Mimic
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The Rockpile Mimic is a miniboss in UnderMine on Floor 3 of The Goldmines.

When entering the room, the Rockpile Mimic will be motionless in the middle of the room, disguised as a gold-embedded rock. The fight will begin after the player comes close enough to wake it up. You can use this moment to place a bomb next to it.

Defeating the Rockpile Mimic is necessary in order to unlock Dodson. Once defeated it will never reappear.

Attack pattern[edit | edit source]

Attack 1 - 3 massive slams into the ground, which will send a rock trail to the player. Simply jump over the trail when you can. Slams and rock trails both do damage.

Attack 2 - Rockpile Mimic rolls around the room, bouncing from the walls, and making rocks fall down from the ceiling. These rocks will cast a shadow under them before they fall. These rocks can be destroyed by you or the Rockpile Mimic. The rocks can hurt the Rockpile Mimic as well if they land on it.

Attack 3 - Only happens when the player is near the boss. Rockpile Mimic slams into the ground, launching the player in the air.

Related Achievements[edit | edit source]

Ach defeat rockmimic.png Not An Ordinary Rock
Defeated the Rockpile Mimic
Ach defeat rockmimic 2.png Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Defeated the Rockpile Mimic without upgrades

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