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Rocks are destructible objects in UnderMine.

Rocks have a chance to drop an item when destroyed; these items can be anything from bombs, keys, foods, potions, or the Petrified Rock.pngPetrified Rock.

The Golden Powder Relic guarantees Gold drops when rocks are blown up.

Some rocks may reveal a Crawl space when blown up.

Types of rocks[edit | edit source]

  • Normal short rocks. Can be jumped and attacked over. It may sometimes hide a crawl space.
  • Short rocks containing Gold that drops after hitting the rock two times (can also be done by poison, fire and the Shrill Bat's attacks). Will never have crawl spaces underneath them.
  • High rocks resembling a rock pillar. Attacks cannot go through them and the player cannot jump over them. Not to get confused with the smooth high blocks which cannot be blown up. Will never have crawl spaces underneath them.
  • Holding statues. There are different models for depending on the area. These statues can hold Gold10.pngGold and Thorium.pngThorium.
  • Broken pillars laying on the ground. These currently only appear in the Halls of Din.
  • Short crystal rocks. These rocks appear currently only at The Shimmering Caverns. They look very similar to the gold-covered rock. These rocks have 3 states: green crystal, then orange, and then red. When an explosion occurs anywhere in the room its color will change. Destroying these rocks (e.g., from indirect explosive shocks, directly destroying the rock with a bomb, or a Throwbo picking it up) will shoot blue crystal projectiles in all 8 directions. It is currently unknown if crawl spaces exist under them. Unstable Concoction.pngUnstable Concoction does not change the crystal rocks' state.

Gallery[edit | edit source]