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There are many types of rooms in UnderMine. These rooms include:

Normal rooms, Secret rooms, Altar rooms, shops of all kind, sacrifice rooms, Crawl Spaces, and offering rooms.

Normal rooms[edit | edit source]

Most of the game's rooms, may contain Enemies, treasures, Items, traps, pits, spikes and so.

Secret rooms[edit | edit source]

These rooms must be blown into with any sort of an explosion. If there are sparkles on a wall, it has a Secret room behind it. Sparkles can be revealed with any kind of an explosion in the room. They may contain one or more Blessings, treasures, puzzles, items, and so. For more info, see Secret rooms.

Altar rooms[edit | edit source]

Contain shrines. You may pray in a shrine for a blessing which gives also a curse, or pray to get rid of a curse at the cost of health. For more info, see Altar, Blessings, or Curses.

Relic rooms[edit | edit source]

Will exist on each and every floor. Will always require a key to enter, except for The Goldmines 1.

Since secret rooms can be connected to relic rooms as well, you can bomb into the relic room from the secret room, allowing you to not use a key.

In Halls of Din, relic rooms may contain Enemies.

Shops[edit | edit source]

Contain items, relics, artifacts and more depending on the shop. For more info, see shop

Sacrifice rooms[edit | edit source]

Contains nothing but a lever which costs health to pull, and usually 4 pillars. You can trade health for rewards such as: pilfers (the normal green ones), Blessings, money, skulls, potions, food, bombs, keys and so. See also Sacrifice Room.

Crawl Spaces[edit | edit source]

Must be blown into. Exist under rocks. Right now, there is no obvious way to tell where a Crawl Space might be. The only 2 ways to know, is to blow up the rocks (using bomb, TNT, Bobo, Lurker, and so), or using Potion of True Sight. These Crawl Spaces may contain Mr. Rat and Mrs. Rat, treasures, puzzles, items, Blessings, Potions, and so. For more info, see Crawl Space.

Offering rooms[edit | edit source]

Will contain at least 2 different Relics in exchange for X Curses. Usually 2. Usually, the floor in completely covered by oil.

There is no point in doing so, but if you destroy the Relics, you will not get cursed (unlike items in Shops). See also Offering Room.

Treasure rooms[edit | edit source]

Contain Chests. These are useally rooms that are conected to 1 room.

Adventurer's Whip lets you find more of these.

Hoodie's rooms[edit | edit source]

Exist on the first floor of every Location behind a bombable wall that will be upwards to the starting room. The wall requires the Echo Blast upgrade to bomb. The room will contain an opened crawl space that contains Hoodie. There, the player can teleport to the first floor of any Location that is below the current one if the player got the right maps Artifacts.

! rooms[edit | edit source]

These rooms contain mini bosses or Characters. They may require keys or bombs to enter.

Examples: The Dungeon Gargoyles' room, Wayland's room at The Goldmines, etc.

Boss room[edit | edit source]

Will contain the floor's Boss. The entrance to the room is a large pit in the ground. Upon entering the room, if you are yet to defeat the boss on this Ascension, the start will fight. If you already killed the Boss during this Ascension, the room will be empty. Since it always teleports you to the entrence to the next Location it can be used as a simple shorcut.

Gallery[edit | edit source]