Sand Skulker

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Sand Skulker
Sand Skulker.png
Index No.25/56
Damage TypeExplosive
DescriptionA subterranean creature with deadlier piercing attacks
Sand skulkers belong to the same genus as lurkers, but have evolved to burrow through sand and other soft surfaces. One would think that sand and softer surfaces would be easier to burrow through than earth and clay, but surprisingly, one would be wrong.

Sand Skulker is an enemy in UnderMine

Shortly after flashing red, the sand skulker will send 3 long trails of spikes towards the player, which cover more area than the normal Lurker's attack.

  • Attacking a Lurker with a Status Effects, such as those provided by Seertooth or Toxin, can help to keep track of the Lurker's location.
  • Attacks from the Lurkers are able to destroy blocks and reveal Secret rooms.
  • The lurker's attacks cannot go across holes, but the lurker itself can.

Wayland's Boots.pngWayland's Boots provide immunity to the sand skulker's attacks.

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