Selt, Queen of Sand

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Selt, Queen of Sand
Selt, Queen of Sand.png
StrongFire (-50% dmg)

Selt, Queen of Sand is a boss in UnderMine on the last floor of The Goldmines. She drops Selt's Fragment.pngSelt's Fragment after being beaten for the first time. Defeating her is one of the two ways to enter the Delvemore Dungeon. Selt is responsible for causing the earthquakes in the The Goldmines and The Hub. Her main way of damaging the player is via her larvae or charging attacks.

Attack patterns[edit | edit source]

Selt will:

  1. slither around the arena, and after stopping, shoot out multiple eggs from which Larva will spawn. The eggs can be destroyed before the Larva spawns.
  2. chase her own tail while sending out rock waves which can hit the player. In this phase it is best to focus on avoiding all attacks by standing far away or jumping over the trails of rocks.
  3. go underground while a target follows the player. Selt will also spawn some eggs which can be destroyed. In this phase it is best to go to the opposite side of the arena and wait. After a while a ring of rocks will appear around the player. It can be destroyed by swinging or jumped over. Selt will charge towards the player. She can be jumped over to avoid damage as she destroys the rocks, but it is risky; it is strongly suggested to use this strategy in emergencies, or if the peasant is afflicted with multiple levels of Arthritis that can leaved them paralyzed after swinging.

It is possible to counter attack pattern 3 by placing a bomb a front of Selt while she is charging to deal the bomb's damage in the process.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

  • After the fight has ended, Selt's tail will start to disappear until it reaches her head. After that, the final death cutscene will play. It is possible to die while Selt's body is disappearing if the player is hit by her larvae.
  • Selt will drop the Selt's Egg.pngSelt's Egg blueprint and the Selt's Blood.pngSelt's Blood scroll alongside some gold on the floor and Selt's Fragment the first time she is defeated.
  • Selt will also drop the Dungeon Key, which unlocks the door in the room with Toadvine and Bathcat that leads to the Delvemore Dungeon.

Related Achievements[edit | edit source]

Ach defeat selt.png Walk Without Rhythm
Defeated Selt, Queen of Sand
Ach defeat selt 2.png Worm Tamer
Defeated Selt, Queen of Sand without upgrades
Ach all bosses.png Hail To The King
Defeated Selt, Mortar, Noori, Ponzu, and Seer with the same peasant

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