Summoning Stone

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Summoning Stone
Summoning Stone.png
EffectRaises the Ancients and grants them new power
The Old Ones are never truly destroyed.

Summoning Stone.pngSummoning Stone is an artifact in UnderMine.

Summoning Stone is an artifact found at the end of every run, if all bosses were killed, to start the run anew.

This artifact will then end your run when picked up, killing the Peasant in the process. The Peasant keeps all of his Gold. Picking up the stone will change the difficulty of future encounters. Once the summoning stone is obtained, there will be a slider in the pause menu. With the slider, the summoning stone level can be adjusted.

Related Achievements[edit | edit source]

Ach summon stone 1.png Challenge Accepted
Lifted the Summoning Stone for the first time
Ach summon stone 2.png Hurt Me Plenty
Lifted the Summoning Stone 10 times
Ach summon stone 3.png Let's Suffer Together
Lifted the Summoning Stone 30 times

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