Sweaty Palms

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Sweaty Palms
Sweaty Palms.png
TypeMajor Curse
Index No.2/59
EffectChance to drop a bomb when taking damage
The first rule of transporting explosives to make sure they are fastened securely.

Sweaty Palms.pngSweaty Palms is a major curse in UnderMine.

Makes the player occasionally drop an ignited Bomb from their inventory when they take damage.

Each instance of damage counts as a separate event, making damage-over-time (DoT) Status Effects such as Ignite and Poisoned troublesome.

Bombs dropped are affected by current bomb modifiers, including:

Getting damaged from a dropped bomb may drop a secondary bomb from the player's inventory.

History[edit | edit source]

Alpha 0.1.6 Added Sweaty Palms