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Index No.6/8
Crafting CostThorium.png 180
Leveling up byBeing Blessed
A blessed creature
Sylphs are elusive creatures. It is rumored that they commune with the gods.
The cost of penance at altars is reduced
Altars can be used twice
The peasant receives a second level of a blessing when blessed

Sylph is the trusty Familiar of the Peasant and helps with Blessings.

The Sylph gains 50 XP every time you use an Altar, and a varying amount every time you enter a new floor, quite like the other familiars. The Sylph does not gain XP from blessings or Curses gained from other sources.

The Sylph needs to gain 600 XP to reach level 2, and 1600 XP to reach level 3, for a total of 2200 XP to gain max level.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If you have a buff that gives you the ability to pray twice, like Devotion, the buff will stack with Zeal, enabling you to use altars three times.
  • When the Sylph gains level 2, if the altar you used would break, it will. The level 2 buff applies only to all future altars, not the one you are currently using.

Gallery[edit | edit source]