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TRANSMUT3 Installation
Shop CostGold10.png 1.800
EffectInstalls a TRANSMU3 into some shops
Dirk, the Alchemist discovered a way to turn blood into transmutagen. He sold his creation to the pilfers for an unknown amount.
TRANSMUT3 Expansion
Shop CostGold10.png 6.000
EffectExpand TRANSMU3 installations to more shops
"Transmitation technology has proven popular and is ready to be rolled out to more locations." - Shop Keeper
TRANSMUT3 Saturation
Shop CostGold10.png 18.000
EffectOutfit most shops with TRANSMUT3s
"When something proves popular, saturate the market and make sure everyone grows tired of it." - Secrets to Success by Black Rabbit

TRANSMUT3 is an interactive machine in UnderMine, which can be used to transmute all items inside the room, from basic items to relics at the cost of health. It costs 50 HP at first to use it; the cost increases by 50 every time the lever is pulled on that floor; it resets back to 50 HP on the next floor. The TRANSMUT3 has a chance to break on every pull. It can be blown up to transmute items at no cost to health once; it remains destroyed afterwards. Health costs are not shared across machines on the same floor.

Health costs are unaffected by Tariffs.pngTariffs, Brittleness.pngBrittleness, Vulnerable.pngVulnerable, and Toughness.pngToughness.

Free food from the Meal Ticket can be transmuted into another food type. It is able to transmute Pilfers in the room into another type.

A few things cannot be transmuted, such as golden food and Legendary relics.

It begins appearing in some normal and secret Shops after purchasing TRANSMUT3 Installation from the Pilfer in The Hub. Its frequency can be increased by purchasing the TRANSMUT3 Expansion and TRANSMUT3 Saturation upgrades. It can be manually spawned into a room by drinking a TRANSMUT3 in a Bottle.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Antimatter is a very useful potion to use when operating the TRANSMUT3 machine. Pulling the lever twice (-150 HP), drinking the potion, and pulling it a third time (+150 HP) will result in a net health cost of 0.