The Hub

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The Hub is the area where the player starts between each adventure into the Mines (initially locked).

Some vendors must be unlocked or otherwise lured to The Hub before becoming available.

Players can craft new Relics by speaking to Wayland, new Potions by speaking to Baba the Alchemist and new Blessings by speaking to Lillyth. Familiars can be hatched by speaking with Griswold, the Collector in the Hub. Special items and Upgrades can also be bought here.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

There are no Pilfers in the hub that will steal Gold dropped on the floor. However, to avoid an overpowered run, Pilfers will appear and steal any additional Potions, Relics, or Blessings beyond the first one unlocked in a single visit to the hub. These Pilfers cannot be stopped.

Players can blow up the pilfer in the Hub to unlock Pilfer's Gift.