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Disambig.png This article is about the crafting resource. For the Developer and Publisher of UnderMine, see Thorium Entertainment.
A resource found in blue chests and used to purchase items or unlock relics after finding blueprints.

Thorium.pngThorium is a currency in UnderMine. It may be found in blue Chests or in statues in Delvemore Dungeon. It may also be found when peeping at a Skeleton. Thorium is used to craft Potions, Relics, Blessings, and hatch Familiars in The Hub. Items that are more powerful usually cost more Thorium.

It can be picked up with a thrown pickaxe if the player has bought Gecko's Foot.pngGecko's Foot. Up to 999 Thorium may be carried; picking up more will consume it without adding it to the count. It disappears if it is not collected before exiting the room.

Thorium nugget sizes
Thorium.png  - Thorium gem with value of 1
Thorium3.png  - Thorium gem with value of 3

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