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Index No.8/11
Crafting CostThorium1.png 70
Leveling up byKilling enemies
A shockingly short tempered bird
During the rainy season, Thunderbirds bring storms to the highland plateau.
The Thunderbird will occasionally fire bolts of lightning at enemies
Electrical Attunement
Reduces incoming lightning damage and both the Thunderbird and peasant deal increased lightning damage
Static Discharge
Chained lightning from the peasant and Thunderbird bounce to more targets

Thunderbird.pngThunderbird is a familiar in UnderMine.

Thunderbird is the trusty Familiar of the Peasant, which fights enemies with lightning bolts.

On familiar level 2, being accompanied by the Thunderbird gives you Electrical Attunement, which increases lightning damage done by 50%. Level 3 extends the range of your chained lightning attacks.


  • Lightning Mites will not be hurt from the Thunderbird's attacks, as they are immune to lightning damage.
  • Enemies that are weak to electricity will take more damage. These enemies are the Footman.pngFootman, Glomp.pngGlomp, and Uberglomp.pngUberglomp. Oily and fiery Glomps are not weak to electricity.
  • Mortar will take 50% less damage as he is strong against lightning. The orbs of Mortar are not resistant to lightning.