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The Torch is an object in UnderMine, which provides light. Not to be confused with the wall lanterns. See the images below.

Torches can be found in some Rooms. If you throw your pickaxe through a torch, it catches fire and will cook Food and set enemies on fire. Unlit torches can be lit by fireballs from drinking Fury Potions or using Seer's Blood, or hitting it when possessing the Salamander Tail or being temporarily enchanted by Seertooth.

Like Rocks, Torches can also be destroyed with an explosion, and may sometimes drop Basic Items, Blessings and Potions.

Purple torches[edit | edit source]

Purple torches, or cursed torches, look like normal torches with a purple flame. They have a chance to replace normal torches.

Purple torches will always drop two items when destroyed. The items can be any combination of the following, even two of the same item:

When destroyed with a Bomb from the player, it will inflict the player with a Curse. If destroyed by any other means, for example by a Bobo's charge, the items will still drop, but the player will not be cursed.

They have a small chance to drop familiar eggs when destroyed if Griswold, the Collector is unlocked.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If the player is afflicted with Waking Light, torches and wall lanterns can shoot fireballs towards the player, and set him on fire.
  • Jumping and landing on a lit torch will set the player on fire.

Gallery[edit | edit source]